30 Day Creative Career Lab

Design Your
Creative Career


Crisp, clear, engaging and insightful. Austin has a rockstar quality, he is a cool and likable guy who is excellent in his craft. Very fun to work with and get to know as a person.

Deliotte Digital

Super engaging, useful tips and tricks, and always there to lend a hand. Highly recommended for anyone looking to switch or level up creative careers.

National Health Service

Clearly passionate about design and education, equipped me with the skills I needed. I have been offered a role as a UX Researcher at the National Health Service in the UK!


I had a great time, got to know amazing people, acquired tools to learn about myself and boost my confidence, and it was super fun!

Welcome to the Creative Career Lab

Design Your Creative Career in 30 Days

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Your Learning Experience

Reimagine Your Career in 30 Days

Welcome Creative Friend

1 -  Reflect on your Work, Write up Your Brand
2 - Check your Calendar, Create your Timeline
3 - Download your Data, Create your Database

Week 1
Design Your Future

1 - Visualize your Future
2 - Write your Title and Tagline
3 - Find Your Dream Job

Week 2
Design your Portfolio

1 - Sketch Your Portfolio, Wireframe Interactions
2 - Tell Your Story, Outline your Case Studies
3 - Give Critique, Accept Critique

Week 3
Prototype Your Portfolio

1 - Get Visual, Collect Colors, Fonts & Images
2 - Get Graphic, Craft your Assets
3 - Pick your Platform, Prototype your Portfolio

Week 4
Boost Your Signal

1 - Build Your Portfolio MVP
2 - Launch and Test Your Portfolio
3 - Design a Campaign, Launch a Campaign
The Difference

Real People, Live Lessons

Live Lessons

Cohort based learning - never learn alone.

Pro Resources

Professional Tools, Helpful Templates

Real Community

Designed for connection and ourse completion.
Course Tools

Optimized for Interactivity


The all-in-one course workspace.


A better way to design online with friends.


The modern way to build for the web.
30 Days and 30 Hours to Launch 🚀

Make a Dent in the Digital Universe

Hi, I’m Austin, one of your instructors - do you want more out of your creative career?

Are you paid to be creative? Do you have to show your work? Do you struggle with keeping your portfolio updated? Do you wish you had a stronger online presence?

After teaching design and tech skills to over 4,000 students, I kept getting the same questions... What’s next? What about my portfolio? How can transition careers? Any tips on getting my dream job?

For years, I scheduled one-on-one conversations to help creatives tackle these challenges. I enjoyed volunteering time to reconnect with students and help others. After awhile, I realized something: there’s only so much progress we can make over a 60 minute coffee chat. This is a deep topic that requires time, effort and attention - there’s no shortcuts to reinventing yourself, making a plan, executing that plan, and ultimately, getting what you want.

I also realized that there’s power in numbers; timeboxed group learning is the best format to encourage accountability, consistency, and impact. I’ve also been pleasantly surprised at how much we can learn from each other’s expertise and experiences.

Thank you for reading this far. If any of this strikes a chord, join an info session, reach out to me directly, or apply for our next Creative Career Lab.

It’s not for everyone, but it might be right for you 😘

Make a Dent in the Digital Universe

This will not work if...

You’re not willing or able to invest 30 hours in a month - approximately 1 hour per day or 1 day per week.
You’re not interested in going deep and discovering what you truly want out of a career and how to make it happen.
You’re a lone wolf and not looking for a tribe of creatives to connect with and support.
You’re unemployed and this would break the bank. Reach out to us as we do have some scholarship options available for especially motivated candidates.

This will work if...

You’re committed to creating the time and space to complete the challenges.
You’re excited to connect with other creatives and are willing to support with positive energy and actionable feedback.
You have a decent computer and fast-enough wifi for video calls.
You’re humble, methodical and patient with yourself - and others.
You’re committed to making decisions that will  affect your career trajectory.
Invest in Yourself 💰

Level Up Your Creative Career

4 Weekly Live Lessons
8 hours - 2 hours per week
4 Weekly Challenges
24 hours - 6 hours per week
Tools & Templates
Notion, Figma, Webflow - oh my!
Community & Accountability
Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
4 Week Creative Career Lab
Less than your future day rate
👉 Spots are limited, sign up for the Waiting List or Info Session for €327 off.
Frequently Asked Questions 🤔

Any Questions?

Am I required to attend the 4 live lessons?


We’ll meet for 2 hours every Sunday. This time is critical to provide accountability and feedback from the group so you get the most out of the course.

Do you offer any discounts to former students?


We offer discounts off to all former students from General Assembly, Google, CareerFoundry, repeat enrollments - or any of the amazing companies large and small that we’ve worked with - just ask!

Will I need to commmit the full 30 hours?


Only sign up if you can contribute on average one hour per day for thirty days. Even for busy professionals, the course is structured so you can spend an hour before or after work completing your weekly challenges. Alternatively, you could dedicate a full weekend day to make a big push.

Do I need specific gear or software?


What’s a lab without sweet technical gear? We recommend you have a decent computer and fast-enough wifi for flawless video calls. Bonus points for folks with an external monitor. All software recommended for the course will have free versions or educational licenses.

Can I take the course more than once?


Your Portfolio and Career are never “done”. Well, unless you’ve retired on a beach somewhere. The Creative Career Lab is structured to help creatives of all levels supercharge their career - feel free to enroll again at a reduced rate whenever your portfolio or career needs a boost.

Do you offer Purchasing Power Support?


We want you to join us, wherever you are. Our goal is that each payment should represent approximately an entry level day rate for your country of residence. If your country is one of the 152 Developing Countries, get in touch to request a discount.

Can I learn more before I sign up?


Sign up to one of our Info Sessions. We’ll make them fun, relaxed and informative.

Do you ever say “No”?


We like to stay positive around here. Unbothered. In our lane. Focused. Flourishing.